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Ms Coco, Pipe-her Down

sample 1 Ms Coco, Pipe her Down

They both have unusual names, but the way Ms Coco and Pipe-her Down lick vag, they’ll be remembering each other forever! They’re two black lesbos who will do anything for a lick of that lollipop between their legs, burying their faces into one another’s snatches and licking all of that yummy juice up. When they’re both slick enough, they whip out some long, thick dildos to bang each other with, working their way inside one another’s holes until they cream all over them. They even bring out a thicker white shaft and pound the hell out of their bang flaps, making the room fill with the orgasmic screams of two fine ebony goddesses.

Kelly Star, Megan Pryce

sample 1 Kelly Star, Megan Pryce

Ebony bad babes Kelly Star and Megan Pryce are desperate to get something giant and ebony inside their slippery cooches. They don’t have any enormous black tools to play with, so instead they have no choice but to get each other off with a combination of oral sex and sex toys. They are on a dark purple couch, their legs spread and their ebony cooters exposed. They kiss passionately before they go down on each other, 69ing and also licking and blowing each others’ pussies alternately. Then a couple of toys come out and they alternate between pleasuring each other. These sweeties are expert at wielding a dildo, and they make each other ejaculate super quick.

Patty Kake, Pipe-her Down

sample 1 Patty Kake, Pipe her Down

These ebony bad sweeties are desperate for pleasure! They begin the episode with one girl bent over the edge of the couch while the other whore fingers her holes from the back. She almost fists the starlet, stretching her firm pink beaver right out with her hands. Then the divas get out a pair of dildos, taking turns to insert each others’ moist, shaved holes. They are moaning like crazy while they bang each other, desperate to cream. Then they pull out a new toy, a jumbo, purple, double ended dildo. They go ass to backside, slapping their tight buttocks together while they pleasure each other with the double ended dickhead. What filthy dyke chicks!

Stacie Lane, Parke Allen

sample 1 Stacie Lane, Parke Allen

This beautiful ebony chick with giant boobs is lying by herself in the sauna, masturbating furiously. She begins by rubbing her clit and probing herself and then progresses to pumping herself with a jumbo dildo. However, she just can’t seem to get herself off. Just then, another black whore enters, with long, straight ebony hair and equally jumbo juggs. She takes over, expertly using the dildo to get the first slut off good. Then the second tramp stands up while the babe who has just jizz kneels in front of her and licks her beaver. Then they take turns masturbating each other with a variety of sex toys until they’ve both orgasmed.

Aliana Love, Coffee Brown

sample 1 Aliana Love, Coffee Brown

When you have black carpet munchers, you should know that you’re going to be in for a treat. Aliana Love is one of those wonderful chocolate goddesses who would just love to show you what she has waiting for you in her underwear – a innocent, moist cooche. Unfortunately you don’t get to taste it, but she does one better – she gets Coffee Brown to plunge into that slot, licking it with so much energy that I was almost afraid she was going to pass out from the pleasure of it all. They end up breaking out the toy box and going to town on each other.

Dominique Pleasures, Ms Juicy

sample 1 Dominique Pleasures, Ms Juicy

If there’s one thing that is truly incredible, it’s the fact that there are dark lesbos shaking their booties in unison. That’s one of the prettiest things I think I have ever seen, and I would love to take full advantage of that butt shaking. Once they get done with all of the shaking, they warm up their dildos and rubber dicks to really go to town on each other. These two are Dominique Pleasures and Ms Wet, both being very well named. The lesbo ebony action starts before long, and they make each other jizz over and over.

Cocoa Shanelle, Nikki Vonn

sample 1 Cocoa Shanelle, Nikki Vonn

Cocoa Shanelle and Nikki Vonn are two gorgeous black dykes with rich chocolate skin that will make you weak at the knees. I just love watching them in action – Cocoa is all over Nikki, putting her butt right into the camera and really shaking it in pleasure. They are also loving the thongs that Nikki is wearing, playing with her nylon stockings after yanking off her lingerie. They get the toys in on the action, and after that it is all insane action. There is twat juice nearly gushing out of those slits once they get finished.

Tiffany Stacks, Cocoa Damone

sample 1 Tiffany Stacks, Cocoa Damone

Tiffany Stacks is quickly becoming my favorite black dyke pornstar – I see her everywhere, and by her I mean that beautiful oversize butt of hers. I don’t know how they do it, but the black sistas always have the greatest booties. Cocoa Damone is certainly in the phat rump category as well, and they make sure to play with each other’s booties. Cocoa even ends up slapping some rump. They get ready to play with each other’s cooters, but there is so much else to explore that they end up staying with the foreplay for quite some time.

Samone Taylor, Gorgeouz

sample 1 Samone Taylor, Gorgeouz

Check out this incredible flick featuring lesbo black goddesses Samone Taylor and Gorgeouz! These two divas are sex personified, with each whore performing an erotic strip for the other before they get passionate on the sofa. The bodies on these hotties are completely incredible and their cooters are totally shaved. These beauties both look like they are barely out of school, and yet they’ve got fantastic boobs! They lick each others’ beavers and then take turns plugging each other with a large red dildo. It’s an extremely thick and long piece, and neither model can take the whole thing inside her firm slot. That doesn’t stop them cumming

Bonita Butterfly, Dani Dior

sample 1 Bonita Butterfly, Dani Dior

Large chesty black honeys Bonita Butterfly and Dani Dior love to shake their plump bootys. These two sexy chocolate sistas don’t fuck around when it comes to hot and heavy starlet-on-starlet action. They peel off what little clothes they have on and start blowing oversize brown nipples and making out. Both of these tramps have a jumbo curvy butt and some plump apple titties. They trade off on eating each other out, and oiling up the others’ jumbo round booty with some baby oil. They make each other ejaculate with a double-ended dildo and some amazing scissoring action. Not to be missed.

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